Jun 13

Nobody’s River is a an all-women expedition on one of the world’s greatest and least known free-flowing rivers, the Amur. They will be documenting it through moving and still images, as well as gathering scientific data on this rare example of a massive free-flowing river. The team will travel from the headwaters and the birthplace of Genghis Khan all the way to the Pacific Ocean Delta. Mongolian horses. Packrafts. Kayaks. Ferries. Trans-Siberian trains. You name it and it will probably be a part of the journey.
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May 30

Leaving 2
by Amber Valenti   As we pack our bags and get on a plane tonight for the Nobody’s River expedition we begin the next leg of an already life altering journey.  It began as a simple daydream while I finished up my master’s degree in 2011, but it became so much more than we ever dreamed. We have loved harder, lost bigger and grown far beyond anything we could have imagined—and we have not even left the country yet. I see clearly now that our original reasons for creating this project, while still true and present, represent only a fraction of our purpose.  Something much bigger than us unfolds every day.…
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Apr 24

by Amber Valenti
“What’s beautiful about transformation is that it is absolute, a one way street. You can never go back to the way things were.” 
A lot can happen in 30 days. That would be an understatement for this last month. Joy, excitement, momentum, shifting, dissolving, loss, and uncertainty swept through our lives. But one thing is certain—our lives and this project are dynamic and ever-changing. Highs In the last month the Nobody’s River project has soared. We raised more than $32,000 through our donor campaign—a staggering, humbling, and deeply inspiring experience.…
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Mar 25

by Rebecca Dennis I have spent thousands of my waking hours in the last two years thinking about this expedition. There is so much to consider. Equipment, transportation, weather, logistics, bumps along the way, and piles of paperwork. Somehow practicality always gives way to daydreaming about diving into the river at sunrise, midday sun reflecting off the water, the rhythmic sound of a paddle with each stroke, laughter with friends during a cup of coffee, the warmth of my sleeping bag after a long day, and the infinite unknowns of another journey.…
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Mar 2

Paddle People
By Sabra Purdy   Fundraising. Eeew. This is the part that we’ve all been dreading. We know we need to raise money, kind of a lot of money, for this trip. From the get go, we’ve been so surprised at how much people want to help us with this ridiculous scheme. People have been so supportive of this, it makes me misty-eyed reading the comments they have been leaving. But now is the hard part. Now is the time where we have to call in all those favors, we have to ask friends and family, coworkers, distant relatives, strangers on the street, my 6 year old neighbor, to kick in some cold hard cash so we can get this thing off the ground.…
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Feb 10

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.20.58 PM
By Amber Valenti
We’ve taken a look at biodiversity as it sits across the planet.  We’ve analyzed it. And we’ve come up with 19 epicenters of biodiversity. And these are places you’d probably pick off the top of your head like the Amazon, Congo, Galapagos islands.  But there are others places that aren’t as well known and the Amur Basin is one of them. - Darron Collins, WWF Amur Program
The Amur-Heilong Watershed is nothing short of a biodiversity gold mine.…
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Feb 5

In May 2013, four women will embark on the first source to sea descent of the Amur River—the world’s third longest free-flowing river. Traveling 4,400 kilometers through three rugged and remote countries, the team plans to capture their journey through still and motion images to tell the story of this widely unknown watershed. With just a few months to go, the Nobody’s River Project recently got a boost from outdoor industry heavy-hitters, receiving a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant in late 2012 and a Polartec Challenge Grant at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market last month.
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Feb 4

photo (3)
By Becca Dennis Amber and I spent 3 fabulous, frenzied days at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Trade Show in Salt Lake City a little over a week ago. The winter and summer OR shows give us a great opportunity to meet with our sponsors in person, spread the buzz about the NBR project, and hang out with all sorts of great people from the outdoor community. Here are a few highlights from our weekend of sponsor meetings, laughs, wonderful people, handstands, sangria, and too many happy hours to count.…
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Jan 23

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 1.30.33 PM
By Amber Valenti Becca and I head to Outdoor Retailer this week for the last time before the expedition to meet with sponsors, media partners, and friends.  This prompted some serious reflection on my part.  After 2 years of steadily pushing this huge snowball uphill one inch at a time, we are now on the downhill leg and flying along just to keep up with the incredible momentum. So many exciting developments occurred in the past 6 months alone, I realized we needed to share them!…
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Jan 11

Full circle
By Sabra Purdy Warning: This is a nerdy post written by a fish dork who actually thinks hydrology is cool. Read it anyway. It is really cool and it is really important, and you should know all about it. Free flowing rivers are an endangered species on this planet. For most of the developed world, massive clusters of dams control river flow and levees prevent the river from escaping the confines of its channel. This is the anatomy of a modern river.…
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