Jan 23

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 1.30.33 PM
By Amber Valenti Becca and I head to Outdoor Retailer this week for the last time before the expedition to meet with sponsors, media partners, and friends.  This prompted some serious reflection on my part.  After 2 years of steadily pushing this huge snowball uphill one inch at a time, we are now on the downhill leg and flying along just to keep up with the incredible momentum. So many exciting developments occurred in the past 6 months alone, I realized we needed to share them!…
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Jan 11

Full circle
By Sabra Purdy Warning: This is a nerdy post written by a fish dork who actually thinks hydrology is cool. Read it anyway. It is really cool and it is really important, and you should know all about it. Free flowing rivers are an endangered species on this planet. For most of the developed world, massive clusters of dams control river flow and levees prevent the river from escaping the confines of its channel. This is the anatomy of a modern river.…
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