The Film

The Nobody’s River team joined forces with award-winning freelance director and cinematographer Skip Armstrong to capture the story of their expedition along the Amur River. Over 70 days, from Mongolia to Russia, and traveling 5,000 kilometers along a wild, free-flowing river, the team documented the challenges, triumphs, and often hilarious adventures of this incredible journey. Armstrong lent his skills to the project to edit the footage into a short film that screened for nearly 2 years, winning film festival award,s and igniting the imaginations and tugging at the hearts of audiences worldwide.


During the summer of 2013 our team of 4 women traveled, by a number of different crafts and methods, from the Onon River headwaters and the birthplace of Genghis Khan all the way to the Pacific Ocean Delta–5,000 kilometers in total. We took our chances amongst the untamed mountains of Mongolia, the great expanses of Southern Siberia, and the complex Russian-Industrial Complex. Mongolian horses. Kayaks. Ferries. Trans-Siberian trains. Paragliders. You name it and it was probably a part of our journey. Read more…


The Amur River is incredibly unique.  As the 3rd longest free flowing river in the world it traverses the vast and widely untamed landscapes of Mongolia, China and Russia for more than 4000 kilometeres.  Claimed as the most biodiverse watershed in Asia, it supports enormous Taimen (a fish in the Salmon family), rare birds, Siberian Leopards, Tigers and countless other unique plants and animals.  It is a living reminder of what we have lost by damming more than 60% of the worlds rivers, but it also stands as a symbol of the incredible wild places that still exist–and should be celebrated.
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