Apr 9

  When we returned from Russia in August of 2013, emotionally and mentally exhausted,  I handed Skip Armstrong, our director, a huge pile of disparate stories, footage, and audio.  He had agreed to cut a film out of whatever we brought back many months prior. He had no idea what he was getting into at the time. It was a massive and emotional undertaking.  Skip spent 7 months toiling over the making of the film and made nothing short of magic from a complex web of footage and stories.…
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Oct 15

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.38.50 AM
“I love, love adventure.”   Krystle Wright spends the majority of her days traveling the world as an expedition photographer. An itinerant adventure seeker, Krystle found her way to Mongolia and the Russian Far East with the Nobody’s River team last year. But no matter where she is, make no mistake: She’s an Aussie through and through, and behind that beautiful smile and sassy hair flip, lies a plethora of four-letter words just waiting to be dropped. The team calls her their Australian Super Power.…
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Sep 24

When most people think of leopards, they think of the big cats that roam the savannas and jungles of Africa, but a rare subspecies lives in the forests and wild lands of Mongolia and the Russian Far East. These Amur leopards can run up to 9 miles per hour, leap nearly 12 inches in the air, wear sunglasses to ward off the scorching Russian sun—and have a strong affinity for skin-tight onesies and disco. While paddling the Amur River last year, the Nobody’s River team came across two Australian biologists, Jimbo and Bazza, tracking these elusive creatures… “Oh crikey!…
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Jul 23

by Emily Nuchols  
The journey planned is rarely the journey taken. The Nobody’s River expedition team had no idea how true this would be as they prepared to leave for a two-month expedition in Mongolia and Russia. Today, the team released the trailer to their film that documents their journey along the Amur River, one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers of the world. From their hilarious antics to deeply human struggles, these ladies shine a light on the soul of internal and external exploration–and show us that no matter what, there is always a reason to celebrate.…
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Nov 17

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 2.58.00 PM
It is already November and we are past due for an update! We’ve been reflecting big time–letting all the experiences of the journey sink in. And settling back into the beauty of daily life. We have also been working hard behind the scenes to develop and share lots of stories since we’ve been back. Here are some highlights of all the Nobody’s River goings-on. 1. Filmmaking!
It’s happening. It’s really happening! Movie making is in full swing. Skip Armstrong has been digging into all the expedition footage and starting the hard work of crafting a story.…
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Aug 10

Only 35 kilometers more? I could not comprehend the end. We had been wandering for so long. 
The 10-hour ferry ride from Komsomolsk went by in a flash of stunning landscapes and gawking onlookers. We were better than wildlife here in Far Eastern Russia. We ended our ferry ride in the mysterious town of Nikolaevsk Na Amure, a town they say has seen only one other group of foreign tourists in the last 20 years. Luckily our many sacrifices to the Amur River (a shoe, a GPS, a water drom, our pride) seemed to come back to us in good travel karma.…
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Jul 26

Arriving at the Sea of Okhotsk, the end of the journey.
“Why would you come to this place that God forgot?” asked Natalia. Her kind eyes and shockingly clear English made the dingy beach we had just landed on and Soviet-era background of Komsomolsk Na Amure feel suddenly more welcoming. I had asked myself a similar question many times during the two weeks before our arrival to this far far eastern town in the absolute middle of nowhere Russia. It was shocking to hear someone acknowledge this aloud. Yet despite, and perhaps because of, all we had seen, feared and struggled through, we replied without hesitation: “We think the Amur River is incredibly special—like nowhere else in the world.”
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Jul 19

The team arrive into Khabarovsk.
Editor’s note: On April 7th the Nobody’s River team began a very different kind of journey. Zach Orman, Becca Dennis’ longtime partner, was in a terrible paragliding accident. He passed away a few short hours later at the age of 28. After one month in Mongolia, Becca realized her own journey had changed once again. While the three other team members are now paddling the Amur River through remote Eastern Russia, last week, Becca returned to her high mountain home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to follow her own path.
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Jul 4

River crossings on wild Mongolian ponies
We have been amazed at how things always work out here. In the most improbable, impossible situations things just work out over and over again. Mongolians don’t really use maps, landmarks, GPS coordinates, or directions… even when they are in the middle of nowhere. They navigate by what they call “Holboo”. It translates roughly to intuition or connection to self. We’d be romping through the middle of the Mongolian steppe for 12 hours on a dirt road in a 1970’s Russian minivan, in what seemed like circles, and our driver wouldn’t even know the cardinal direction.…
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