Are you crazy?

Oct 5


We might be.

This whole idea really took off about 1 year and 8 months ago in the dead of winter with a few excited phone calls and endless hours of day dreaming in the months that followed. With that another questionable adventure slowly took shape.

This time the focus was giving back to the rivers and communities that had nourished us for so many years. We kept our idea close to the chest for many months, feeding it, nurturing it, afraid to let it out too soon before it was strong enough to stand the scrutiny of the outside world.

Many months later, after countless hours of brainstorming, writing grants and emails, coordinating on conference calls, and pouring over maps, our nebulous thoughts formed into The Nobody’s River Project. We are so excited to share this project with you all and give back to this incredible community of river lovers, wild souls, and playful adventurers that we love so dearly.

In less than one year, our small team of spitfire ladies will set out on a journey to document one of the last great free flowing rivers in the world.  In the meantime we will be blogging monthly so that you can get to know us better and vice versa.  The blog will feature stories and information about the project as well as posts on related issues and projects that inspire us.

Welcome to our website, our blog, and our community!  We are thrilled to have your support and to share not only our (mis)adventures, but also the story of the Amur with you.

Heres to running wild,

Becca, Sabra, & Amber

  • Serena Dennis

    So fantastic! I can’t wait to follow your journey. So proud and impressed with you all!

    • Amber

      Thanks Serena! That sister of yours is one incredible woman!

  • samtzu

    Rock N’ Roll, ladies…. and, as always, pay attention…..

    • Amber


  • Ali Weber-Stover

    Excellent! Can’t wait to hear about the river!

    • Amber

      Keep your ears open for lots of updates, especially once we are one the river in May!

  • Nayla Tawa

    This is fabulous!!! I am excited to follow your adventure!

    • Amber

      Thanks Nayla!

  • Paul Gamache

    Awesome idea, looking forward to following your adventure!

  • Kelly Ferguson

    Very excited, inspired, and in awe of all you girls! Good luck on your big adventure … I look forward to reading all about it.