Bring Nobody’s River
To Your Community

Nobody’s River tells the inspiring story of 4 women who journey down one of the last free flowing rivers of the world and discover raw beauty, industrial wastelands, devastating loss, and unbridled joy. You can bring this 30 minute film to your community, organization, non-profit or event.  To sponsor a local screening you contribute a modest screening fee and in return you get:

  • Single Screening License which grants the screening host permissions to screen the film in a public setting.
  • Digital promotional tools including blog and social media text, a press kit, photos, links to the online trailer and other outtake clips
  • Promotion of your screening on our website Screenings page and Facebook page.



Cost: $100 per screening. Please contact us to discuss pricing if you are interested in multiple screenings.

Film Delivery: Downloadable Through Vimeo
Film Format and Size: HD .MP4 file (1280×720 / 586MB)
Run Time: 30 minutes 58 seconds

Screening Packet Resources:

  • Screening Protocol
  • Copy of Screening Agreement
  • Blog and Social Media Text and Guidelines
  • Press Kit with Photos
  • Media Alert
  • Link to Trailer and other Online Media


Get Started!

Step 1: Fill out the Online Registration Form –>>

Step 2: You will receive email instructions on how to get started and a copy of the Film Screening Agreement.

Step 3: Make Paypal Payment of $100

Step 4: Sign and return a Film Screening Agreement (sent to you by email)

Step 5: You will receive a Screening Packet and Access to the Film after receipt of the online Host a Screening contact form, Paypal Payment, and signed Film Screening Agreement.

Or you can contact us at  anytime with questions or interest.

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