Mar 25

by Rebecca Dennis I have spent thousands of my waking hours in the last two years thinking about this expedition. There is so much to consider. Equipment, transportation, weather, logistics, bumps along the way, and piles of paperwork. Somehow practicality always gives way to daydreaming about diving into the river at sunrise, midday sun reflecting off the water, the rhythmic sound of a paddle with each stroke, laughter with friends during a cup of coffee, the warmth of my sleeping bag after a long day, and the infinite unknowns of another journey.…
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Mar 2

Paddle People
By Sabra Purdy   Fundraising. Eeew. This is the part that we’ve all been dreading. We know we need to raise money, kind of a lot of money, for this trip. From the get go, we’ve been so surprised at how much people want to help us with this ridiculous scheme. People have been so supportive of this, it makes me misty-eyed reading the comments they have been leaving. But now is the hard part. Now is the time where we have to call in all those favors, we have to ask friends and family, coworkers, distant relatives, strangers on the street, my 6 year old neighbor, to kick in some cold hard cash so we can get this thing off the ground.…
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