Fundraising Time, Hold on to your Hats!

Mar 2

Paddle People

By Sabra Purdy


Fundraising. Eeew.

This is the part that we’ve all been dreading. We know we need to raise money, kind of a lot of money, for this trip. From the get go, we’ve been so surprised at how much people want to help us with this ridiculous scheme. People have been so supportive of this, it makes me misty-eyed reading the comments they have been leaving.

But now is the hard part. Now is the time where we have to call in all those favors, we have to ask friends and family, coworkers, distant relatives, strangers on the street, my 6 year old neighbor, to kick in some cold hard cash so we can get this thing off the ground. And you know what? Folks are stepping up for us in a way that is so humbling, so heart-warming, so uplifting that it is hard to even find words to describe. We are so honored. We are grateful beyond belief.

We’ve still got a ways to go. We’ve got 13 more days and we’re about a third of the way to our goal. We’re doing this through indiegogo, a crowd funding website that operates on the principle that we offer up our project to the world and people help us spread the word; a lot of folks contribute a little tiny bit and we can meet our goals. We can paddle our boats 4,400 kilometers through eastern Siberia on one of the last great free-flowing rivers left on earth. So please, help some sisters out here. This is a one-time gig and we won’t ever bother you again for this.

Donating is easy, click this link. Even just a dollar helps us out. If you can’t give us a dollar, tell your friends about this project, help us get the word out and you will receive our undying gratitude and know that we absolutely cannot do this without all of you. We carry you with us down the river. River Project

Much love,
Amber, Becca, Sabra and Krystle