Taking Mongolia to the Kitchen

Mar 25


by Rebecca Dennis

I have spent thousands of my waking hours in the last two years thinking about this expedition. There is so much to consider. Equipment, transportation, weather, logistics, bumps along the way, and piles of paperwork. Somehow practicality always gives way to daydreaming about diving into the river at sunrise, midday sun reflecting off the water, the rhythmic sound of a paddle with each stroke, laughter with friends during a cup of coffee, the warmth of my sleeping bag after a long day, and the infinite unknowns of another journey.

The one thing I never forget to think about is FOOD. I absolutely love food. Give me any kind of food and I will be the happiest person alive! Recently I decided the best way to get in the mood for this trip was to research some traditional meals from Mongolia and try to make one.

The food that most intrigued me was Buuz. This is the quote that really got me:

The decorative design of the buuz is a matter of honor for the cook. At first, the result will probably look a bit clumsy. Mongolian experts produce small miracles in no time almost without looking.”  

This recipe is not just food, it’s art. Check it out!

Recipe for Mongolian Buuz



250g flour= 2cups

1.5dl  Water=3/4cup


300g Minced Meat (Mutton traditionally is used) beef can be used

1 Onion Minced

Garlic Minced

Spices (salt, pepper, caraway)


Making the Dough:

1)      Mix water and flour let rest 15min

2)      Separate Ball of dough and roll into cylinders 2cm thick

3)      Cut rolled out cylinders at about 3cm

4)      Flatten to make a small circular piece of dough


Filling and Forming the Dough:

1)      Roll pieces of dough so they are about 7cm in diameter

2)      Place about a teaspoon of filling in the center of the dough

3)      Fold the edge at one side and press it together in your fingers (pinch a small section in)

4)      Create another fold slightly offset and press together next to the last fold

5)      Go around until you reach the start, creating a ring with a small opening at the top

6)      Slightly oil bottom of dumplings before steaming so they don’t stick

7)      Steam in a pot for 15 minutes and enjoy!!!!


Check out more traditional Mongolian recipes at:  http://www.mongolfood.info/en/recipes